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I Was Such A Girl*


“I walked out a new boy I was such a fool, I want to be free but u still on my mind, all these as they passing by, and still I’m not free, every place I seem to go
you still in my way, I was such a fool to let you go, if I’m not too late oh!, I’ll make, make it up to you”
― Judy Boucher

Snapshot_162 Snapshot_163

Bikini Briefs / Top * Capri Chiffon Coverup

Mesh Head Simone 3.3

The Shop
Legacy Mesh Body 1.1

*Arcane Spellcaster*
bag Pant Delia

Centred Glasses.

KEEP TIME Necklaces Maitreya

Sinra Rings season 2

Chelsea Bracelet * The Chelsea Watch

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