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SL Fashion Icons is not Just a review blog, reports about what current trend is the top, who is who  in second life fashion Industry but also if you want your designs featured here, just let us know in the form of introducing yourself and your company. You can always drop a folder with a note card about your business, a landmark to your main store, some pics and eventually samples of your designs In World to  Artkinson Resident(Russell) or Celpoule Delvalle(Cersei).

Whether we will blog your designs or not is at our discretion. This is a hobby, we want to blog things we actually like. However, should you ever ask for review copies, then you may expect your items being used on this blog within 14 to 20 days after you send it (or I will contact you with the reason for the delay).

We are very passionate about all acts of fashion.  On the other hand, being only human,  if we ever comes across a design that does not meet our stein specification we will endeavour in every means possible and made you aware of the reasons and if you feel we should blog it then we will do so pointing out all the good stuff we see as well as the faults, something may surface that I feel very strongly about and which needs to be voiced.

If you have questions what so ever, feel free to ask . You can contact us  in-world, email  or  use the contact at the top menu.

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